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3-bureau funding program

We leverage the strength of your credit profile and use it to obtain up to $200,000 in unsecured personal lines of credit through lenders who use Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
In order for The Small Business Loan Store to give you a FREE funding quote, you must sign up for a credit check total account (  You can send us your log-in information or a PDF of your credit check total report. 

Please send it to for review. 

Funding Highlights:
•    Up to $200,000 in unsecured funding!
•    All funding is revolving lines not loans!
•    Typically funded in 7-10 Business Days
•    NO income documentation required
•    NO employment verification
•    100% Unsecured
•    NO assets or home required-renters are OK
•    Approvals within 48 hours
•    NO application fees and NO upfront fees
•    NO Business plan necessary
•    Bankruptcy OK! (certain restrictions apply)
•    Easier to qualify for than our traditional Business Funding Program
•    Can use funds for whatever you choose

Qualifications For 3-Bureau Funding Program:
•    Minimum of 680+ plus credit score across all 3 bureaus
•    Minimum of 3-4 open and seasoned (at least 1 year) revolving trade lines (possible to work with less trade lines      depending on rest of file)
•    No more than 4 inquiries per bureau in last 90 days (possible to work with more inquiries depending on rest of      file)
•    Overall revolving balances must be below 60% utilization of credit limit, and below 60% utilization for any single line (possible to work with higher utilizations depending on rest of file)
•    At least one revolving account with a $5,000 credit limit (lower limits are welcomed, but may affect total funding      amount)
•    Bankruptcy is OK, but it must be at least 5 years old
•    Recent late payments, collections, judgments, tax liens, etc. are on a case by case basis
•    Typically no more than 3-4 new revolving accounts within the past 12 months (possible to work with more new      revolving accounts depending on rest of file)
•    Physical residential address on loan application must match address listed with credit bureaus.  (If addresses      do not match up file will go into an automatic security review, at which time all aspects of file will need to be      documented in order to be approved)
•    Complete access to Credit Check Total ( account during the duration of funding. 

Our Fees:
•    NO upfront fees
•    Backend success fee is 10% of all credit lines acquired. 

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