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business funding

  • Unsecured Funding
    The Small Business Loan Store can get you funding quickly by leveraging the strength of your personal credit.  Due to our in depth understanding of small business lending means we can procure credit lines new and growing businesses in as fast as 2 weeks.
  • Equipment Finance
    We offer equipment financing and leasing for startups and established businesses nationwide.  We fund when manufacture financing, banks, or SBA can’t-regardless of market conditions.  We pride ourselves in 48 hour approvals and fund in 5-15 business days.
  • Revenue Loans
    The Small Business Loan Store judges the health of your business based on your cash flow-not just credit scores.  Our in depth understanding of small businesses means that we can provide capital to businesses in as fast as 7 business days.
  • Diamond Retirement Funding
    Our Diamond Retirement Funding program gives you the funding you need faster than a bank loan.  The business starts debt-free allowing you to reach profitability faster because no money is going toward paying back loans.
  • Factoring
    Accounts receivable factoring is a facility many of our clients use to avoid waiting 30-45-60 days for buyers on account to pay.  A factor essentially buys your invoices at a discounted rate as soon as it can verify the completed shipment with the account debtor (your company’s buyer).
  • Purchase Order Financing
    Purchase Order Financing is often mistakenly referred to as Purchase Order Factoring, Inventory Financing, and Cost of Goods Financing. Purchase Order Financing is a method of lending that increases cash flow by temporarily eliminating the cost of goods to fill a purchase order.