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diamond retirement funding

Our Diamond Retirement Funding program gives you the funding you need faster than a bank loan.  The business starts debt-free allowing you to reach profitability faster because no money is going toward paying back loans.  All profits made are totally in your control because you’re investing your trapped retirement money into the business you own.  Invest in yourself today!

About Our Program:
•    Fast Funding in as little as 2 weeks
•    Avoid penalties or taxable distributions
•    No loans, banks, or credit
•    Start-debt free and reach profitability faster
•    Total control of your business
•    Customized solutions to fit your needs
•    Money can be used for any normal business
•    expense including collateral for a loan.

5 year Management Consultation

You’re now a phone call away from expert
advice.  At no additional charge you get:

•    Tax Planning Advice
•    Legal Structure Advice
•    Exit Strategy Advice